The Patient-Centred Innovations for Persons with Multimorbidity (PACE in MM) is a Community Based Primary Health Care Team grant funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).  Co-led by Dr. Moira Stewart, Western University and Dr. Martin Fortin, Université de Sherbrooke, this 5 year program is predominantly a Quebec-Ontario bilingual partnership with co-investigators in four additional provinces (British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) and collaborators from six countries.  This group is using a programmatic research approach and timeline to develop, implement and compare innovative models of integrated chronic disease prevention and management (CDPM).

The goal is to change primary health care and community-based chronic disease prevention and management programs to:

  • move from a single disease focus to a multiple disease focus;
  • centre on not only disease but also on the patient; and
  • realign the health care system from separate silos to coordinated collaborations in care.

The overarching objectives of the study are:

1) to identify factors responsible for success or failure of current CDPM initiatives linked to the primary health care reform

2) to transform consenting CDPM initiatives identified by aligning them to promising innovations on patient-centred care for multimorbidity patients, and to test and compare these new innovations in two or more jurisdictions, and

3) to foster the scaling up of innovations and to conduct research on different approaches to scaling up