Capacity Building C.



Moira Stewart











- to create leaders among the trainees/new investigators, health professionals and decision-makers: research methods; interdisciplinary collaborations; capacity for problem solving on the ground; and leadership.

- to promote seven types of capacities: Research Skills Development; Explicit Knowledge; Tacit Knowledge; Collaborative Co-created Learning; Critical Reflection; Community of Scholars; and Educate for Capability.










a) roles within the Team for trainees and new investigators;

b) links with TUTOR-PHC training program;

c) national and international exchanges for new researchers, health professionals and decision-makers; 

d) a variety of educational approaches aimed at building a variety of capacities; and

e) technical support for online teaching and mentoring.






















Rick Glazier

Paul Huras

Martin Fortin

Sabrina Wong

Tara Sampalli

Kathryn Nicholson



Kathryn Nicholson

Heather Maddocks

Julie Copeland

Archna Narula

Les Lee



Éva-Marjorie Couture

Andréa Lessard

Aline Ramond-Roquin

Hélène Carrier

Maxime Sasseville

Éric Contant

Marie-Ève Poitras

Marie-Ève Maltais

Maude Richards

Pauline Boeckxstaens 

Pierre-Luc Corbeil