Objective 3

Objective: In collaboration, to:

  1. foster the scaling up of innovations informed by Objective 1 and tested in Objective 2;
  2. conduct research on different approaches to scaling up.

This objective makes clear that the KT work in Objective 2 is to be built upon. While Objective 2 is transformation, Objective 3 shifts the focus to larger geographic areas of whole regions or whole provinces, i.e. to other regions of Quebec and Ontario and even beyond that to the three other provinces and internationally. Also, the Team intends to engage throughout the five years, a wider array of stakeholders including:

  • senior provincial policy-makers;
  • regional leads;
  • hospitals and hospital associations;
  • homecare (regional and provincial level);
  • family health care organizations at the regional and provincial level;
  • family medicine and nursing provincial associations.

By Year 2, the Team will have several tools at its disposal, meeting several of the criteria of what is necessary to scale up innovations from the literature. The tools are:

1) scoping review of effective multimorbidity and patient-centred care;

2) results from the twelve CDPM initiatives who have volunteered for the Realist Synthesis;

3) an evaluation framework to share with interested initiatives;

4) a partnership with regional decision-makers who will speak to the relevance of the programs being considered by these new regions.

The literature review reinforced how little research there has been on scaling up. The Team therefore believes that it can make a contribution to this emerging literature by conducting a study on the spread of the CDPM innovations linked to PC. The researchers will be active in promoting the spread of CDPM programs linked to PC through a toolkit.

STUDY 3.1:  Evaluating different approaches to scaling up

Deliverables for Objective 3:

A tool kit for scaling up will be created. Guidance on the most influential scaling up strategies will be suggested by the study.