Test Innovations C.








Martin Fortin


Three sub-committees:

  • Qualitative sub-committee (Lead: Judith Belle Brown)
  • Quantitative sub-committee (Lead: Martin Fortin)
  • Measurement subcommittee (Lead: Bridget L. Ryan)

1 Sub- Group

  • HA Data Group (Lead: Roxane Borgès Da Silva)













a) to transform consenting CDPM initiatives linked with PC reform identified in Objective 1, by aligning them to both identified success factors and to promising innovations on patient-centred care for multimorbidity patients;

b) to evaluate qualitatively the transformed programs (Qualitative sub-committee: study 2.1);

c) to evaluate quantitatively the effects of the transformed programs by using our evaluation framework on outcomes in at least two jurisdictions and compare across jurisdictions (Measurement & Quantitative sub-committee: study 2.2).


The Committee will contribute to the validation of the evaluation framework and assist in the research implementation. The committee will suggest and take in consideration alternative designs when appropriate.












- Valid cross-jurisdictional comparisons of innovative CDPM programs using a rigorous evaluation framework including HA data and with an emphasis on measures of the patient experience (Quantitative, qualitative and Measurement sub-committees).

- Research implementation, data collection and analyses (Quantitative, Qualitative and Measurement sub-committees)

- Common set of outcomes (Co-PIs and Measurement sub-committee in collaboration with the CIHR and other Teams)

- Updated and validated evaluation designs and frameworks (Quantitative, Qualitative and Measurement sub-committees).




























Qualitative sub-committee

Frances Gallagher

Christine Loignon

Maud-Christine Chouinard

Sonja Reichert

Pauline Boeckxstaens

Luan Januzi

Bayero Diallo

Maxime Sasseville


Quantitative sub-committee

Moira Stewart

Rick Glazier

Amardeep Thind

Walter Wodchis

Roxane Borgès Da Silva

Aline Ramond-Roquin

Onil Bhattacharyya

Kathryn Nicholson

Sonja Reichert

Tara Sampalli

Bridget L. Ryan


Measurement sub-committee

Rick Glazier

Walter Wodchis

Roxane Borges Da Silva

William Hogg

Sabrina Wong

Jonathan Sussman

Heather Maddocks


HA Data Group

Rick Glazier

Walter Wodchis

Pierre Tousignant

Valérie Émond

Bridget Ryan

Heather Maddocks